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Kerr Lake Dachshunds is family-owned and operated right here on the shoreline of Kerr Lake.  We have limited space within our home and grounds.  While we would love to have the ability to keep forever every precious dachshund involved with our selective breeding program, sadly it is not possible. Our females "age out" too quickly since we never breed them until they have experienced several menses past their first estrus and do not breed consecutive cycles. The practice of allowing the females yearly breaks creates healthy dams and healthy litters of quality puppies .This practice also produces young adult females five to six years old that have whelped several litters and who deserve to retire.  Dams may be offered with AKC new owner, no breed registration (limited), and will usually need to be spayed in order to continue their healthy lifestyle.

Adult male dogs are recognized by the AKC to breed until 12 years of age. While males may have the capacity to mate far into their golden years, recent studies indicate that older males' offspring may have a greater incidence of medical problems, and we proactively discourage older males' breeding. Offering intact sires withdrawn from our breeding program to selective owners as pets may also occur from time to time and information on retired dogs and will be posted on this page below.  Feel free to discuss this opportunity with us if you are seeking an older companion.
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We are considering finding loving homes for several of our intact adults.  Placements for Skully, Mini Mee, Darcy, Capt Jack Sparrow, Rocky, Longfellow, Lady, Savannah,Tessie and BeBe,have been very successful. 

 Presently, we are seeking new placements for DeeZee, Leia, Whirlie, Indy, Dolly Boo, and Beau Baxter  These dogs will need special people who will be able to return all the unconditional love that these dogs give.  

A no show and spay/neuter agreement must be agreed to by the new owners. Call or email us to discuss this offering. 

Capt'n Jack Sparrow, a red long coat male, is 8 years old. His sweet disposition makes him an excellent companion as he is leash trained and loves to go on walks. Jack is being retired as a sire in our breeding program and will need to be neutered. He will be an excellent pet and loves sleeping on sofas. $500 placement fee.
Skully is Capt'n Jack's brother and is just as sweet and loving. He's a long coat black and tan intact male. He,too, is leash trained and has been microchip.  $500 placement fee/no show and neuter agreement only. AKC  pet registration 

Rocky is a 5 year old red piebald. He loves to run and play and just wants to be loved- he is a lap dog. Since we are retiring him from our breeding program, he will need to be neutered.

Laura and Logan of Durham adopted Rocky where he's living as a pampered pup.  He has become a Duke Fan Dachshund.
Mini Mee, a smooth red female, has been spayed following her last litter. Sweet and loving mom. $500 placement fee,
Darcy is a 4 year old intact long coat chocolate/tan female. Beautiful mini that will be retired from breeding and placed into a new home under a spay/no show agreement only. $400.00 placement fee. 

 Darcy is now  living with her new family in Ontario Canada.  She has another dachshund buddy and winters over in Myrtle Beach.
BeBe is a 5 years old long coat  intact red female with creme that is also retiring from our breeding program that will be placed under a no show/no breed spay agreement. $500 placement fee.   

BeBe is now living with her new parents and two other long coat dachshund buddies in the Village of Pinehurst, NC.  We never knew she would become a Golfing Dachshund
Capt'n Jack Sparrow of Kerr Lake has retired to his new home and loving family in Winston Salem!  He has left our home but not our hearts.
Mini Mee is now living with her new family on the eastern shore of Virginia and is also walking her owners to keep up the family's fitness.
Skully has been adopted and will live out his retirement on the island of Chinoteague, a fitting place for a Pirate.  He is keeping his new owners busy  by walking them and showing off his dashing dachshund splendor.
Longfellow is now living with his new parents traveling in their retirement  along with his new best hound dog friend  Titain 

Tessie has been placed with her new parents and now is living in Henderson.  This is a wonderful placement in that she is so close that we can visit her easily, and she is really enjoying be"the dog."
Dee Zee
Lady has found her new forever home with her half sister, Savannah just across the border in Virginia,
Savannah and Lady are living in South Hill Virginia
Beau Baxter