Kerr Lake Dachshunds
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About Kerr Lake Dachshunds' Sires
Our sires have been selected for conformation and present a varied assortment of color, coats and size. This "band of brothers" range from true minis to a small standard. The oldest to the youngest all work and play well with each other. When one boy undertakes an activity, the rest desire to join in for the fun. Good temperament and loving dispositions are shared by all of them.
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Capt'n Jack Sparrow of Kerr Lake is a smaller red long coat male. He is so loving and attentive. Jack loves to swim and run and romp the shoreline.
Beau Baxter is a small red shaded male with a black and tan, and chocolate background. Nine pounds of love wrapped in a little frame in a big dog frame of mind.

Skully, a smaller black and tan long coat male, is an intellectual. He is smart to learn and willing to please. His handsome appearance is only second to his loyalty and good hound qualities.

Skully is now with his new parents who live on Chinoteague Isle. A great place for a pirate to retire to.
Longfellow is our red smooth coat dapple male.  Bonnie Blue is his mom, and he possesses her well-mannered qualities and more. Keen senses and a loving disposition describe him best. 
Indy is the youngest of our sires. We have utilize him in our selective program this year. A true mini with a big heart, his pups have had outstanding mini qualities.
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Whirlie, a small red long coat is the son of Capt'n Jack and Dolly. Great parents and a great pup. He has sired several litters and his outstanding traits are clearly evident.
Jetter is less than 2 years and is the male version of Dolly. He is going to be a great Dad