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About Kerr Lake Dachshunds Dams

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Our "Girls" are a special group.  Various coats, colors, and size allow for selective breeding resulting in high quality healthy puppies with good conformation and temperament.  Veterinarian prenatal examinations complement our thorough and well-conceived pairing process.

Presently we have puppies, their parents, and their grand parents allowing us to display past generations of our quality breeding program.
Bonnie Blue, Red Dapple 
Savanah, Red Piebald smooth and  Lady, a Red Smooth are half sisters that act like twins. They could be bookends.
Mini Mee, Red smooth coat 
Lady, Red smooth coat
Savannah, Red Piebald smooth coat
Teenie Weenie, Red smooth coat mini is our newest dam and will be a great future mom
Dolly, Red smooth coat is now retired from breeding; however, her alpha traits make her an important element of our program for the socialization of our puppies.  She is the strong grand or great grandmother that young ones look to for discipline 

Chessie is a small red long coat mini that is a great mom!
This study reported 4 pups and were surprised when the 5th pup arrived!
Darcy entered our breeding program in 2016. She is a chocolate and tan long coat with great standards, that now is living with her new family in Ontario Canada.
Dee Zee is a great mom and a loving dog that is always ready to play